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Papaw Slick's Sensory Soaps - Beauty Bar

Papaw Slick's Sensory Soaps - Beauty Bar

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Learn to love getting clean and feeling good all over. From the sensation on the skin to the holistic aroma. Immerse yourself in the rich fullness of nature's bounty, and of course, Papaw Slick's Magic.

Beauty Bars: Goats milk, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Collagen Peptides, Lavender oil

Papaw Slick's love of nature, the forest, and the mountains, drive him to explore and discover all the wonders of creation and the gifts the earth had to offer. 

He became an expert alchemist and secretly developed many wonderful things in his home in the mountains.

These things were very special and in a way sacred. Papaw Slick said God provided us with everything to live abundantly if we would only learn how to use it properly for the benefit of others.

Papaw believed and taught that the very first ingredient must be love for the one who would receive it, and without that, the art of the compound was worthless.

We keep Papaw Slick's passion and secret knowledge alive today by using the skills he passed on to lovingly develop and produce products to make life good for as many people as possible.

Try any Papaw Slick's product and feel the love and the gifts of God to mankind, through nature, for yourself.



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